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Artful Stairs of Steel Design

transparant modern staircase design

This is artful stairs design by John Hill. His idea is about steel stairs. Steel is a good material for stairs, because it allows for a thin profile to accentuate the continuity of surface; it can act structurally, so other structural supports can be minimized, and the welding of steel plates can give the appearance that a piece of steel is crimped into shape, even though reality is quite different.
Following are examples of steel stairs that express continuity of surface.

This beautiful stair floats one step above the stone floor, The cables on the right suspend the steps from the ceiling and act as a guardrail.

the black steel stairs float in the area between the kitchen and living room. The glass guardrails reinforce this floating effect. A closer look reveals the minimal construction of the steps

Here is another example where the treads are covered with another material. No wonder; wood is much warmer to the touch than steel. A look from underneath shows that the stair is held away from the wall, allowing some light from above to filter down the wall and give the impression that the stair floats.

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