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Functional Media Room in Attic Space

Media room entertainment area

Media room is not merely about large space with special design. you can create your media room in your attic space. This functional media room is from HGTV. hopefully it can give you inspiration. below are the picture and the ideas.

Media Room Bookself doorway

Stately bookshelves hide a secret room along the gallery wall of the second floor sitting area. Pushing the left side of the bookcase closest to the stairway reveals itself as a hidden door to your own home theater! ‘This was a very unexpected surprise,’ notes project manager Jack Thomasson. ‘The secret door was originally designed to be there, but to enter into attic space.’

Media room entertainment area

There’s only one window, so there is low light,’ Jack says. ‘It has great proportions and it’s in a great location in the house, perfect for a media room.’ With its big screen TV and DVD, this is sure to be a popular spot for film buffs, sports fans and anyone who loves television and games. With its comfy sofa and sound system, this could also be the perfect place for soft music and a mid-afternoon nap.

Media Room Gurable Furniture

‘In our very special media room, we started out with upholstered furniture,’ says interior designer Linda Woodrum. ‘Fabulous microfiber fabric, easy to care for and perfect for family and groups of friends. We don’t have to worry about what happens with this furniture because it will be there forever.’

Colorful Media Room

Because the red was so vibrant and such a strong color,’ Linda continues, ‘We wanted to put the perfect backdrop around it. We used the dusty, navy blue walls that makes the red pop, such a cozy, inviting room that you can’t wait to get in to see a movie

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