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Glass Cabinet ideas for Modern Kitchen Design

Glass Cabinet ideas for Modern Kitchen Design

Cabinet in modern kitchen has important role. Kitchen cabinet keeps out dust and debris from your dishware. Here, Lisa Frederick gives idea about glass cabinet for modern kitchen. She said that glass cabinet insert represent an ideal compromise between solid cabinetry and open shelving. Here are some pictures and description from her

Frosted glass cabinet

Modern kitchens and nonneatnik homeowners. Frosted glass, which is blasted with sand or grit to achieve its translucent quality, lends a cool, sleek feel to a space. Because it screens the objects it fronts (some better than others), you can probably get away with a stack of mismatched melamine or a jumble of tumblers. You also can have frosted glass etched with custom designs to add one-of-a-kind style.

Frosted doesn’t mean opaque. Visitors might not be able to read the words on your cereal box through the glass, but they can tell when the items on the shelves have collapsed into a big mess. Dedicate a little time daily or weekly to keeping things organized.

Textured glass kitchen cabinet

Textured glass is just what it sounds like: glass molded or embossed with a pattern for visual and tactile appeal. It can be ribbed, pebbled, grooved, beveled or otherwise patterned. It’s popular not only because of the layer of interest it adds, but because it helps to blunt the outlines of cabinet flotsam within, and it masks smears and streaks well.

With some textures, you run the risk of a dated look down the road. (Anyone remember the random, crackly patterns of the 1970s?) The simplest styles, such as ribbed glass, are less likely to fall out of favor.

Seeded glass cabinet

Seeded glass, which dates back to colonial times, is pocked with tiny bubbles, which give it its name. It usually has a wavy quality as well. Its hand-crafted look and old-fashioned appeal make it a natural fit for cottage, Shaker and traditional kitchens.

The bubbles and dots in seeded glass can be tiny, large or anything in between (authentic vintage seeded glass will often have smaller bubbles). If you want to showcase dishware, collectibles or other cabinet contents, go for smaller seeding. Larger bubbles can better obscure less pristine displays.

Leaded glass cabinet

Creating an elegant, traditional feel. Leaded glass has an appealing artisanal quality, and you can spin its design in any number of directions, from Gothic to Craftsman. If you’d like a hint of color, you can also choose stained or art glass — especially nice in backlit cabinetry, which sets the different hues aglow.

You can find antique leaded glass panels at salvage shops, flea markets and specialty retailers, and through online suppliers.

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