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Inspiring Wallpaper Ideas

contemporary dining room wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of easy way to express your individual taste and personality. It is very simple, just take your room and make it completely different in few hours. taken from houzz, these ideas will inspire you.

Go monochromatic with pops of color. If your wallpaper is made up of essentially one color or different hues of one color, consider fusing all elements of the room by choosing furnishings in the same color. To avoid it feeling overly overly monochromatic, incorporate one bold color through accessories, placed intermittingly throughout the room.

Have some fun with it! This dreamy, forest-like wallpaper wouldn’t be complete without a googly-eyed gargoyle keeping watch. The unexpected is what makes design unique.

Find furnishings with larger-scaled designs. Scale goes both ways: Furnishings with a larger scale will work just well playing off paper with a smaller scale, like these dining chairs, also in a Greek key pattern.

Hang colorful frames. Because frames have a fairly intimate relationship with the wall, they’re a great opportunity to add some extra life to wallpaper. Bold colors pop against the paper, or even antique gilded gold frames for rich colors like purples and blues. If you look closely at this picture, you’ll realize this designer pulled an especially interesting trick with the red-framed piece: Instead of inserting artwork, he left it empty, essentially framing the wallpaper. Yet another way to cleverly enhance the paper!

Use the wallpaper’s pattern within the room. If you’re really stuck on how to incorporate the paper, simple pull in the same pattern through an accessory. Throw pillows are a great option — create custom pillowcases and you’re good to go!

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