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Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Romantic Bedroom Ideas

This is how to use all elements to create romantic bedroom. To create romantic bedroom or seductive space, it is iportant to make use our five senses: touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste. these are top three opinion: first Don’t skimp on the size of your bed. Go for the king size if you have the room.Second, Keep your bed made. A clean well made bed is very appealing.And third, Do not place gym equipment in your bedroom. Here are you need to start.

Touch.In creating romantic bedroom, Bedding is very alluring when it looks like a fluffy cloud. Think about a luxe hotel you may have stayed at. Replicate it using a soft down comforter. I try to stay away from comforters that have lots of different colors and patterns in master bedrooms. It can be distracting and clutter your mind.

Another harmonious combo: tans with accents of spicy orange and greens. Don’t skimp on the drapes. Add volume to your windows with extra widths of fabric.

Sight. Romantic bedroom is about creating a haven with harmonious color combinations. I like gray-blues because they are relaxing. Complete the palette with crisp or creamy whites and sheers over hard window treatments to soften the look.

To make romantic bedroom, yo can look for sheets made of high quality cotton yarns, like Egyptian, Pima, or Supima cotton that gets a smoother and durable thread because they are long stapled fibers creating a softer feel; And look on the product label for ‘combed cotton’ -a process that removes shorter staple fibers. Bottom line is, the best way of figuring out if a sheet is smooth enough is to open the package and feel it. Be sure to look at the care instructions to see how they are laundered.

For a luxe look of romantic bedroom, try using tone-on-tone fabrics and paint in a soft neutral palette with silver finishes. I can imagine a crystal chandelier hanging in front of the bed. Use extra throw pillows to layer on plushness to the bed.

Layer your windows with hard treatments like blinds or shades, along with drapes that have black out lining. This combination will shut the world out so you can concentrate on your romance. Silk or velvet drapes are soft looking.

the next idea of creating romantic bedroom is turning off the bright overhead light; soft light is much more flattering! Use table lamps with low wattage bulbs and dimmable wall sconces. Add some glamour by hanging a dimmable chandelier.

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